Paid Advertising Management Services

It is rare to find an Agency that really covers all of paid advertising. Most are specialists in particular channels, meaning that all too often ‘paid advertising’ for one can mean Google Ads and for the next can mean Facebook.

The trouble is that without this bigger picture clients often are left with the wrong channel or messages and, ultimately end up with a failed campaign.

We Incorporate the Latest Strategies

So, when it comes to making the most of Paid Advertising, you really need to find an agency which:

  • Gives you a choice of channels, based on your preferences and our recommendations
  • Can offer ‘laser guided’ strategies for each channel, type of advert and promotion
  • Has proven experience and knowledge of winning business and opportunity in each media

With Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Doubleclick adding new features, advert types and offers every month, you need to be sure you are working with a partner who’s on top of this for you.

Ongoing Optimisation

We don’t stop there, though. For us this is just the beginning: a base to build your future performance on. We continue to develop the performance for your company for as long as we represent you.

You will receive with monthly reports on your performance, highlights of where we can optimise, recommendations on improvements to your website and a detailed measure not just of the clicks, but where your budget goes and your ROI.

Go Dutch, With Dutch Digital!

We’re so confident we can make it work for you, we will halve our fees for the first three months until we hit our performance targets for you.