Google Analytics Agency

For most businesses Google Analytics is merely a safety blanket. Once installed it just sits in the background, and because it’s there, that’s enough. All that traffic, engagement, conversion and user data just sits in a database, gathering dust.

More Choice = More Distractions

Part of the problem is that, like with Google Adwords, the sheer range of options in Google Analytics makes it intimidating. With hundreds of filters, channels, reports, events and parameters, it’s hard to know where to start.

Unless, you know what you are doing, of course. Analytics is not double Dutch to Dutch Digital. We understand not just the power of the data, but also what numbers, ratios and percentages are important to which types of business. The reality is that when it comes to data, you need to know what matters.

Unlock the Power of Data with Analytics

It is this experience that allows us to help you read and interpret Analytics so that you can get the most out of it and it can inform your decision-making and digital optimisation. We will use the data to build up all the evidence needed to work out what to do next and in which channels. We make it powerful.

Better still, for all clients, we provide monthly reports to help them not just measure performance, but also see it building up over time. Our transparency means that you can see the results of your decisions and our actions.

Time to Go Dutch?

The time for Analysis has come, and a final compelling reason to do so: we’re Dutch and we’re prepared to go Dutch for you. We will offer our first three months at 50% off so that you can give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.