The Outcome

Local Heroes is an on-demand start-up that connects people with local tradespeople that to do jobs in their homes. This market is very fragmented and Local Heroes was “born” to disrupt the on-demand market.

With no brand awareness or consideration, they main task was to generate traffic to the Local Heroes website to create awareness and conversions.

We started with soft launch using paid search marketing in Croydon, Sutton and York area. Bidding on generic phrases as there was no brand awareness.

After a few months the areas were extended to the West Midlands and trial SKY Smart advertising in these areas. In the mean time we restructured the AdWords account from one account to 13 different accounts within the MCC. The UK was split into 12 regions plus one brand account.

By doing this we scaled from 4 trades to 10 trades. Using DoubleClick Bid management (DCM) we managed almost 750.000 keywords with over 5500 campaigns. Because of the different bid strategies setup, we managed to get a low CPA for generic keywords.

All in all, a successful launch of this start-up and ready to grow further.

Decrease in CPA
Increase in Close rate
Increase in Sales
Increase in Brand Awareness